Villa Cabo San Antonio - Scuba-Diving in Cabo San Antonio Marina
A natural environment of forest and sea barely touched by men's hands

Marina Cabo de San Antonio

Marina Cabo San Antonio, Main Building

The Marina Cabo de San Antonio located at 21° 53' 59.60" N 84° 56' 26.08" W in a well-known area as Los Morros de Piedra. It is 7 Km away from the Roncali Lighthouse surrounded by forests and sea.

Marina Cabo San Antonio, Looby

Facilities for docking vessels consist of a long, concrete dock formerly used by fishing and yachts. Unfortunately this pier is not sheltered by a seawall and is entirely exposed to the north.

Marina Cabo San Antonio, Pier

Nowadays, boats can lie alongside but only six to eight allowed. The oncoming is buoyed and 2.4 m can be carried to the pier.

Marina Cabo San Antonio, Boats and Yachts

The Marina Cabo de San Antonio possesses a 150-meter quay with 3.7m width, this is a suitable place for scuba diving.

Marina Cabo San Antonio, Diving Spots Map

Diving instructors are dedicated to the practice of this activity. Tours and attractive fishing are perfect leisure choices.

Marina Cabo San Antonio, Facilities

Facilities of the Marina

  • Sale of Diesel Fuel and Gasoline
  • Rob Service (with water and electricity)
  • Port authorities service
  • Tariff Authorities and Immigration service
  • International Communications service
  • Provisioning service
  • Service for the security and protection of the ships
  • Reception of international garbage

General facilities

  • Snack bar-restaurant "La Claraboya"
  • Shop
  • Rent car
  • Lodging in Villa Cabo de San Antonio, to 4 Km.
  • International diving center
  • Ecological trips
  • Traveled by the near keys, ideal for the fishing
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